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Add a Tooth Fairy Pearl "REAL FRESHWATER PEARLS" each time the child loses a tooth! Bracelet is handmade using Swarovski Crystals, Sterling Silver-Plated Tooth Fairy charm and 12 "Tooth Fairy Freshwater Pearls". Letter to parents on how to present Tooth Fairy Bracelet and add "Tooth Fairy Pearls" to the bracelet. Comes complete with a personalized letter from the Tooth Fairy, Poem and Log Book. Stored in a white metal tin with a Sweet Pea Fairy Sticker (Sweet Pea - Flower Fairies Illustration by Artist Cecily Mary Barker)for safe keeping. All wrapped up and ready for gift giving.

We can custom design your Tooth Fairy Pearls Charm Bracelet to your little ones liking. We have a 12 month color selection where each birthstone month is on the bracelet. You never know which month your child is going to lose a tooth. Add the Tooth Fairy Pearl charm to the place where the birthstone month is.

You also have an option to custom design your little one's Tooth Fairy Pearl Charm Bracelet to be whatever color she likes best. If she likes pinks and purples, make it Rose and Tanzanite or Rose and Amethyst. You can choose up to 12 different colors. Whatever your little one likes.

Tooth Fairy Pearls Charm Bracelet & Keepsake
Extra: Tooth Fairy Charm
Extra Set: Tooth Fairy Pearl Charms
Tooth Fairy Pearls Charm Bracelet & Keepsake

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Extra: Tooth Fairy Charm

Extra Set: Tooth Fairy Pearl Charms


Essence of Fairy - Fairy Dust


Crystal Birthstone: Please make your selection by indicating where it asks for Personalization/Birthstone.


JAN-Garnet, FEB-Amethyst, MARCH-Aquamarine, APRIL-Crystal AB, MAY-Emerald, JUNE-Light Amethyst, JULY-Ruby, AUGUST-Peridot, SEPTEMBER-Sapphire, OCTOBER-Rose, NOVEMBER-Topaz, DECEMBER-Light Sapphire

*Note: The Amethyst, Sapphire and Rose are no longer available in the "Light" colors. Swarovski have discounted these colors.


"I have a little boy and I purchased the bracelet for myself. I just love it. I am definately buying one for my mom." L.L., California

"Thank you, it will be such a treasured gift."

"People ask me all the time 'What kind of bracelet is that?' I have four different birthstone colors representing each of my four children, the Tooth Fairy Charm, and 1 pearl. The design was perfect." V.H., Alabama

"My daugther loved the bracelet. The personalization on the log book was a special touch. She loves to see her name on books."

"Theresa, Wow!! The bracelet is beautiful. It arrived Sat. and her tooth fell out that day!! It sure made her a believer. She is telling everyone how the tooth fairy changed her tooth into a pearl. C. McNabb, Pennsylvania"

"I found your ad in the Parenting magazine I picked up at the library, and I couldn't resist ordering when I saw the bracelets on your website. What a unique idea! Thank you for the outstanding customer service -- I got the bracelet within 15 hours of ordering! That's amazing!! Thanks again. Becky, California

"My daughter shared her Tooth Fairy Pearls Charm Bracelet at school. She was excited to tell everyone about the Tooth Fairy Pearls." T. Taylor, California

"We got the bracelets, and everything is just darling! I was so excited to give it to her last night. What wonderful presentation! I just love the bracelets, and plan to tell all my friends about you. When I got them yesterday I had to run right over to my neighbor and show them to her. The bracelet for Maddison is going to my neice and I can't wait to give it to her. Thanks again, and great work!" ~ S. Takahashi, California

""I got it...and it is gorgeous and perfect! She will love it! I thought and thought about what to get her and a simple coin just didn't seem memorable....I kept coming back and back to those bracelets....I thought....Now that is a memory. Something she'll never forget and if nothing else remember for her own kids that each and every moment is special to a parent.... Can't wait for Wiggly to come out now...." ~ M. Brodsky, Indiana

"My daughter lost her first tooth yesterday and thankfully the bracelet arrived the same day. It is just beautiful and we both love it! She was so excited and cannot wait for more teeth to start coming out. Thanks again for your help." M. Ingham, Kentucky

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